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GLOBESOL is a company that uses a wide network of experts of all fields and combines 21st Century Complex Problem Solving with entrepreneurial approaches to address the complex business problems of companies from multidisciplinary and holistic perspectives. We also provide Apprenticeship Incubator and Accelerator Services, Pre-Internship Training, Pre-National Service Training, provides Graduate Employeability Enhancement Services and Consulting on Business Strategy and Tactics. Moreover, we provide modern professional paedogogical training to teachers in complex problem solving and entrepreneurial orientations.

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Professional Apprenticeship Training

We train professional apprentices to meet the needs of most competitive companies and organizations.

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21st Century Problem Solving

Holistic problem solving is essential to creating a sustainable competitive advantage for companies and organizations that seek to grow and remain competitive.

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Consulting Services

Many companies/organizations are not growing today due to either lack of or inadequacy of the right business strategies and tactics.

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Pre-Internship Training

We provide you with the 21st century skills and competences required by companies to make it easier to get pre-internship placement and the possibility of being retained as a full-time employee after your internship.

Our Smart Approach

Modern Pedagogical Training

School graduates have little or no employable skills today because of the way they are taught in schools. Students are not taught to think and solve problems. We address all these things and many other related issues.

Professional Entrepreneurship Training

We instill entrepreneurship mindset into all kinds of people to produce entrepreneurs of all kinds.

Pre-National Service Employability Programme

You don’t just need to be a mere national service personnel but one who can add value to your host company/organization. Hence we train national service personnel to be more productive at wherever they go to serve.