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We are here to help students, school graduates, apprentices and workers acquire and/or increase the skills and competences required by industries and to reach their full potentials in terms of employability and becoming successful entrepreneurs. We are here to help companies get competent workers who can prevent, identify and solve problems through action learning and entrepreneurial orientations to help businesses and organizations to grow to their full potentials. We are here to help our future workforce and entrepreneurs by upgrading the skills of teachers to teach their students from complex problem-solving and entrepreneurial orientations.

About Us

Every company has some problems and every problem can be solved. The fact that your organization has not seen any problems does not mean it does not have problems at all. Almost all organizational problems today are multifaceted, hence needs a multidisciplinary team of experts to provide a solution based on systems thinking essential for your organization to reach its full potential. GLOBESOL is a company that has a wide network of experts of many fields that can identify your organization’s live business problems and provide a holistic multidisciplinary solution within the shortest possible time that can yield social and economic value than what just an individual consultant or a small team of consultants can do for you.

GLOBESOL provides professional training courses and practices to address the lack of or inadequacy of industrial skills of workers, school graduates and students by getting them to work on live business projects and through entrepreneurship mindset development activities. It also offers services such as pre-internship, apprenticeship, pre-national service and graduate employability programmes, training of teachers to teach from complex problem-solving and entrepreneurial orientations, and consultative services in business strategy and tactics. GLOBESOL also runs internationalization clinics for companies that wish to expand their operations into international markets.

Our Vision

  • To become the most competent and reliable company in Africa in the supply of the most skilled and competent labour and entrepreneurs respectively appropriate for all kinds of work and business creation and growth and thereby ensuring no gap exists between academics and industry.

Our Mission

  • We are here to liaise with the academic and industry sectors to ensure that the academic-industry skill and competency gap is bridged so as to increase employability and entrepreneurship for the profitability of all companies and organizations.